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Financial Relief

Enjoy Full Protection Of THE NATIONAL CREDIT ACT

what we do

Debt Counselling

Debt Counselling is subject to the National Credit Act and enforced by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). It has been enacted to assist consumers who are facing debt problems.

Debt Consolidation

We reduce your debts into one, more affordable payment. If you are over-indebted, blacklisted or have a bad credit record we can assist you. We consolidate for you without additional loans that can worsen your situation.

Debt Management

Entails how we manage your debt after signing with us. We act on your behalf with regards to your debts between you and your credit providers. We stop those threatening phone calls from your credit providers.

Debt Settlement

When you receive a lump sum of money and you wish to settle all or part of your existing debt, we can assist you by negotiating with your credit providers for some settlement discounts on all or any of your debts.

With our Debt Counselling, nothing is impossible!

We understand that being in debt can be very stressful and affect you and your family. Our debt counselling could be your best debt solution if you are over-indebted!

We can consolidate your debt to one affordable monthly instalment and give you immediate financial relief without additional loans! We believe our debt help is far much better than a debt consolidation loan because getting a loan to pay debt will not be a better solution for you (It is like borrowing from Peter to pay Paul).

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Expert debt consultations & advice tailored for your personal debt situation

Debt consolidation

One reduced, affordable instalment for all your debt

Negotiate for reduced interest rates on repayments

Remove fees on your repayments

We will deal with your credit providers

Full protection by the National Credit Act


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About Us

New Debt Plan offers debt relief services to South African consumers struggling with debt all over the country.

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Suite 101, 1st Floor, Kenya Building, 49 Main Road, Bergvliet, Cape Town 7945

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