Our Debt Relief Services

At New Debt Plan we offer the best solutions possible in the most caring way. These debt relief services include:

Debt Counseling

The major objective of this process is to help South African consumers to better their financial well-being. We are a registered debt counselling company and we fully comply to NCR set rules and regulations. We help you reduce your monthly instalments, making more cash available for you and your family. Thus providing you with much needed immediate financial relief.

Your house and vehicle are protected from repossession in terms of the National Credit Act. When you sign up for debt counselling it means credit providers cannot take legal action against you, garnishee your salary or blacklist you. Once all your debts are paid up we issue you with a clearance certificate and notify all your credit providers and bureaus to clear your credit record completely. Ultimately making you eligible to access credit finance again.

Debt Management

Entails how we manage your debt after signing with us. We act on your behalf with regards to your debts between you and your credit providers. We stop those threatening phone calls from your credit providers. We negotiate for a lower payment amount that enables you to have a decent and logical repayment plan which ultimately result in you becoming debt-free within a period of 60 months. We will surely take you step-by-step to keep you informed of how we are managing your debt portfolio and put your mind at ease throughout the process. We assure you that we strive at all times to provide you with a logical debt solution.

Debt Consolidation

We reduce your debts into one, more affordable payment. If you are over-indebted, blacklisted or have a bad credit record we can assist you. We consolidate for you without additional loans that can worsen your situation. We also assist you to draw a new financial budget that can enable you to have a sustainable lifestyle at the same time paying your credit providers satisfactorily.

Debt Settlement

When you receive a lump sum of money and you wish to settle all or part of your existing debt, we can assist you by negotiating with your credit providers for some best possible settlement discounts on all or any of your debts. We also advise you prioritize which debt should be settled at a particular point in time. The overall aim is to enable you save.

Debt Relief Services Fees Involved

Debt Relief Service Fees are set and regulated by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). The good news is that you do not need to fork out any upfront cash – all fees for our debt relief services are already included in the quoted instalment and is payable on your next salary date.

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Steps Involved In Helping You

Fill in an application form attaching your ID and latest payslip and send it to us via email or fax.
One of our debt counselors will do an assessment of your debt situation and contact you to finalize our application.
If you are happy with the outcome of the assessment, credit providers will be notified and, hence forth, you will be protected from legal action.
Creditors will respond to us with certificate of balances showing summaries of all your credit agreements.
A debt repayment plan will be prepared and negotiated with credit providers. We will forward a copy of the same.
Application will be made for a debt repayment plan to be made a court order in order to enforce it on your credit providers.

About Us

New Debt Plan offers debt relief services to South African consumers struggling with debt all over the country.

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